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The Profile of Student Affairs

1. The Objectives of Student Life Counseling

 a. Ideas behind the Counseling Center

   In addition to remedy counseling, it is most important to carry out preventive and flexible counseling. Our university education is moving towards autonomy and independent development, opening doors to community concerns and services. In accordance with these ideas and student needs, we plan to implement proactive counseling policies and directions for future development.
        On the other hand, due to the rapid vicissitudes in the social environment, the entire learning environment is being questioned. The population of single-parent families is increasing year by year. The students from single-parent families often have a difficult time adapting to school. Their parents lack confidence in discipline. Teachers rely on punishments too much to discipline their students. There is conflict between parents and teachers time and again. The competence of counseling is obviously insufficient and the sense of responsibility is lowered day after day. In society, self-indulgence prevails and pornography resides. Violence is spread through campus and the community. Under the uncertain social climate, young students are becoming a new challenge for university counseling services.
        In conclusion, the development and direction of our counseling objectives is centered on catching up with the times: to make our counseling center services readily available to the public, to boost the counseling competence of educators, to deliver community services, to share counseling resources with friends and to develop new features.

        b. Future Focus of the Counseling Center

 The tasks of the Counseling Center are proceeding smoothly and effectively. Our future work will focus on the following:

       (1)To set up a counseling-resource network and fulfill counseling tasks effectively.
       (2)To boost the counseling competence of teachers.

       (3)To carry out community service.

       (4)To hold a variety of counseling activities with our alliances and share counseling resources.
       (5)To strengthen the emotional intelligence of students, cultivating their good character and developing ethical values.
       (6)To deliver the IQ-Test, EQ-Test as well as the aptitude tests to students in order to counsel them on how to choose a career and how to elect courses.

2. The Objectives of Academic Counseling to Students

(1)Self Teaching-evaluation:Teaching seminars are held each semester to discuss curriculum content, textbooks, teaching and adaptation of teaching styles in accordance to each student’s aptitude.

(2)Office Hours:Every teacher arranges office hours (no less than 2 hours each time, twice a week) which provide students with after-school tutoring and counseling.

(3)Teaching Assessments:Students fill out, twice a semester, online questionnaires which evaluate their professions’ methods of teaching, feedback given on assignments and scoring systems. The results from questionnaires provide a reference for improving teaching.

3. The Objectives of Employment Counseling

  Student Consulting Center is in charge of student employment counseling. In addition to original employment counseling, our future tasks concentrate as follows:

(1)Campus Recruitment is held annually to provide the latest news and job availabilities in the market for graduating students and alumni. During recruitment activities, our graduating students can interview for vacant positions.

(2)Student Consulting Center maintains a work-study page on the CTU website which provides instant job postings from public or private organizations and enterprises. From now on, we will cooperate with Student-Service Club to expand its employment services and difficult solution.

(3)Placement Service Station is established on CTU Job Website to link the Youth Commission, the VTC, the 104 Job Bank and other public and private websites in order to provide our students and alumni with job references.

(4)Series of graduate career counseling sessions are conducted to guide the graduating students on job searching and interview skills. They are expected to have outstanding performance in the competitive job market.

(5)Experts, scholars and outstanding alumni are invited regularly to CTU for a lecture series on career and employment guidance, in which make career planning choices earlier, prior to entering the job market.

(6)To provide each department with references for student career and employment counseling, we collect information on vacant positions in three big domestic newspaper offices and set up a databank.


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